Speaking Your Dreams Into Reality!

The Gift of Change

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When you think about changing, what comes up for you? Are you excited about it, or do you live in fear about what might happen? Do you start imagining the worst outcome, or do you imagine how much better things could be?

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What Are You Pretending Not to Know?

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What dream do you really want to happen yet keep telling yourself you are really not clear about what you want? What if five years, or even one more year goes by and you are still not living your dream or at least taking steps toward it? How will that feel?

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Have You Made Up Your Mind?

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Wanting something and really making up your mind to create it are two different things. Making up your mind that you will be, do, or have what you want brings with it an intention that is so powerful and strong that you become unstoppable.

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What Stories Are You Telling Yourself?

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What stories do you tell yourself? Are they based on fact or a story you are making up. When you say what your passion or dream/goal is do you follow it with a story about why you expect it to happen or why it won’t.

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What is This Thing Called Love?

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When you feel happy and content within yourself, that is the time to attract the one you love because then you will attact one who is alignment with your vibration. That is when you can visualize and FutureSpeak the relationship you want. Often we think that if we just had a relationship, then we would be happy. The truth is, if you are not happy with yourself, you will attract a relationship who is also not happy, and then you will want to visualize & FutureSpeak that relationship out of your life.

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What size box do you live in?

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The way I think of it is that it is as if we are living inside an invisible box and the size of the box is determined by our self-image pictures.

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