Speaking Your Dreams Into Reality!

The Gift of Change

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When you think about changing, what comes up for you? Are you excited about it, or do you live in fear about what might happen? Do you start imagining the worst outcome, or do you imagine how much better things could be?

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What size box do you live in?

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The way I think of it is that it is as if we are living inside an invisible box and the size of the box is determined by our self-image pictures.

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FutureSpeaking Prosperity

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What would it feel like to really know and accept that money is easily flowing to you? What would you do with it? How would you enjoy spending or investing it? How generous would you be?

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Accelerated Manifestations

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Over twenty years ago, I had an idea to videotape the participants of my workshops not only FutureSpeaking their goals, but also sitting in the car, house, boat, etc. they wanted to own. They could then watch that video every day and manifest what they wanted much easier. At the time the technology wasn’t there, and now it is !!

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