Speaking Your Dreams Into Reality!

Future Speaking

A Revolutionary Technique to Attract Prosperity, Love, Weight Loss, and More!

What is FutureSpeaking:

Speaking your vision or dream of what you want with the same emotions and enthusiasm as if it has already happened.  It is speaking in such a way that convinces yourself and/or the listener that it really has happened and you are just letting it be known and accepted.  You use only positive words that are a vibration that is in alignment with what you want.

“Imagination is everything, said Einstein, it is the previews of life’s coming attractions.”

Before I began this journey, I was a very negative person.  Someone recommended a workshop in SanFrancisco on Universal Laws and the Power of Words. When I heard this information, I felt as though a light had been turned on and I had awakened from a dark dream. Even though I was skeptical about what he was saying, I decided to set aside one month of my life and use what he taught to see if it worked. First, I started getting parking spaces everywhere in San Francisco, then I quit smoking, doubled my sales, created a relationship, and lost 35 lbs. WOW it worked!! That was when I knew I had to teach this and pass it on to as many people as possible. I knew if it worked for me, it would work for anyone.

My purpose in teaching FutureSpeaking and Universal Laws, is to remind people what they are born knowing and have forgotten. We have been born with a gift and that gift is the ability to deliberately create our lives the way we want through our words, thoughts, imagination and emotions.  My purpose is to give you some powerful tools to assist you in remembering your gift and to enable you to create what you really want in your life, and have fun doing it!

If you want more prosperity, love, or fun in your life, come join us.