Often when people want prosperity in their lives they will say “I am debt free.”  This sentence has the word “debt” in it which brings up an image of debt in your subconscious mind and can create a vibration and feeling of debt.  A more effective and FutureSpeaking way of saying it would be:  “I am financially abundant and free, and I am a money magnet.  I have attracted $_________   this past year and am enjoying money easily flowing to me.”  You might want to say it the first way and then the FutureSpeaking way and notice how different you feel.

Be sure when you do FutureSpeaking you imagine/pretend that it has happened and what that would feel like.  What would it feel like to really know and accept that money is easily flowing to you?  What would you do with it?  How would you enjoy spending or investing it?  How generous would you be?   Give yourself a week or even better, a month, to speak like this about money and experience how you feel and what happens.  Then continue doing it for a lifetime.  This will be a special time to consciously and deliberately keep your words, thoughts, and feelings about money positive so that you will experience this as a reality.  Let me know what happens.  Expect it to happen.

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