Keynote Speaker
Tailored specifically to your audience’s needs. Dynamicinter-active presentations packed full of information that you can use for any goal or vision you have.  Tools that work and keep working.  Includes handouts, follow-up, and a c.d. for reinforcement.

“Wow, what a powerhouse.  Your enthusiasm, charm, sense of humor, and sensitivity to an audience makes you one of our favorite speakers.”J. Mar, National Association of Professional Saleswomen

“With great ease, you took command of your audience of 1,500 guests and added a personalized touch.  Your presentation made such an impact that you not only received a standing ovation, but I am still hearing rave reviews at NACURH conferences.”K.Ruppe, Chairperson, NACURH University of San Francisco

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“Imagine a champion athlete whose split-second timing, drive, and motivation seem to push the limits of human ability. Or the people we read about or know who maintain a positive attitude no matter what is going on around them. What do they have in common?

Research has shown that high achievers practice a unique “mental system” that allows them to quickly clarify their goals and build an intense focus that leads to success and helps them get what they want.”  Steven DeVore, Founder of Sybervision

In addition to understanding how to re-wire our brain, the participants learn Mindfulness techniques for personal empowerment, the Laws of Attraction to understand how to easily attract what they want, Visualization, Self-Image Psychology, Positive Language to Create Positive Results, and FutureSpeaking, a cutting-edge system for manifesting.

We, humans, are the only species that we know of who have been given the gift of being able to consciously and deliberately design and create the life we want.  Summer believes that most of us adults have forgotten that, and what she teaches will remind and empower the participants.  They will discover some of the beliefs and perceptions that have been getting in the way and will leave with tools to change them.

FutureSpeaking is a cutting-edge system that has helped individuals, small businesses, organizations, and major corporations to excel. It is based on scientifically proven, easy-to-use techniques that high achievers use to break through their limitations and produce outstanding results. This program helps participants develop the proven attitudes and skills to be more productive while reducing stress.  It is a powerful and revolutionary way of setting goals that work.

About the Program
FutureSpeaking workshops combine thought-provoking lectures, group participation, support, handouts, written exercises that help translate desire into action, and a cd for reinforcement.  Each program is carefully tailored to its audience.  In this program you will learn:

The Science of Success:

  • FutureSpeaking: Igniting the Genius Within to Live Your Dreams and Purpose.

  • How to Use Your Amazing Power of Imagination, Words, and Emotions for Success

  • Understanding the Laws of Attraction:  The Secret to Easily Attracting What You Want

  • Mindfulness tools for stress reduction and personal empowerment

Self-Image Psychology:

  • Discover Why Who You Think You Are Determines Your Success, and How to Improve Your Thinking

  • The Secret for Expanding Your Comfort Zone

  • How to Talk Yourself Into Success and Happiness

Strategies for Results:

  • Understanding the Mind of the Buyer

  • The Magic of Words and Thoughts to Awaken Your Power

  • How to Eliminate Procrastination and Increase Motivation

Movies of the Mind

  • Be the star in a video/movie of you living your dreams !!

FutureSpeaking programs can be presented as a keynote, half-day, or full-day.

 Coaching:  Group Coaching and Private Coaching

A pioneer in the field of Laws of Attraction, Mindfulness, Visualization, and Personal empowerment, Summer coaches scientifically-proven techniques that she and others have used to easily achieve business and personal goals, from increasing sales and income, quitting smoking, and losing weight, to improving business and personal relationships.

When you contact me, I will offer you a 30-minute Introductory Coaching to help you get clear on what you want and to see if there is a fit for us to work together.