What are you pretending not to know?   What dream do you  really want to happen yet keep telling yourself you are really not clear about what you want?  What if five years, or even one more year goes by and you are still not living your dream or at least taking steps to toward it?  How will that feel? What if five years from now you are still the same.  Same job, same body, same type of relationship, same amount of income?  Will that be okay with you?

If I had a magic wand and told you that you could be, do, or have what you wanted, and you were guaranteed to be successful and very happy, would you then know what you wanted?  If I told you I would give you $50,000 if you could tell me what you really wanted to do, would you suddenly know what you wanted to do?

When I am coaching a client, it usually only takes me a few minutes to assist them in getting clear on what they want even though they may have spent years saying they were frustrated because they didn’t know what they wanted.  My belief and experience is that it isn’t a lack of knowing what want you; it is fear you might get it or not get it.

Often people just make up stories about why they can’t make their dream come true.  (See my blog called “What Stories Are You Telling Yourself?”)  The dream can seem so big and far away that it seems impossible.  People make up stories about not having the time, money, or knowledge to make their dream happen.  Here are some baby steps you can take to help you know what you want and start making your dreams happen.  The acronym is K.N.O.W.

K:        Know what you want or know that you know.  When you tell yourself that you know what you want, your subconscious mind will go to work to help you discover what that is as long as you repeatedly tell yourself that you do know.  That is one of its many jobs, to give your answers to your questions.  Ask yourself:  If I had complete confidence that I would be a success, what would I be doing?

N:        Now is the time to take small action steps toward your dream.  If you need to take classes to feel qualified to live your dream, then find out what you need and get signed up.  If you need a business loan, then put together a business plan so that you can get a loan or approach investors.  You could find someone who is doing what you want to do and ask them how they got started.  Most successful people are willing to share what they did to become successful.

What excuses or beliefs are you using to keep from living your dream?  Most of the time they are not true and are just a way for you to live in fear instead of living fully.  They are probably beliefs that other people have sold you.  If your desire is strong enough, nothing can keep you from it.

My son, Todd, is a great example of the power of desire and not buying other people’s beliefs.  He worked in a foundry where they poured bronze sculptures for well-known artists.  His friends and he were all artists and were complaining about how they were treated, not paid well, and didn’t like how the famous artists were treated.  Todd told his friends that instead of complaining, they should start their own foundry.  They all laughed at him because none of them had money or business experience, and he had had cancer.  His desire was stronger than their excuses and he wrote a business plan.  He and I both spent time every morning visualizing his dream and imagining that it was done.   He got the idea to meet with one of the successful artists about his idea.  The artist told Todd that he liked his idea and if he would do it in the town where he (the artist) lived and had his studio, that he would introduce him to a possible investor.  He agreed, met the investor, and the investor loaned him $1 million to start his own foundry.  He then brought his team down to join him.  It is a big success today.  Fortunately for everyone, he didn’t buy their excuses.

O:        Open your mind to the possibilities that you do know what you want and you can create it, especially when you understand the Laws of Attraction and power of your imagination.  (Read my blog, “Just a Thought Away”).  Practice saying YES to what you want and how you want to live your life.

W.       What would it feel like, look like, be like to be living the life you want?  What would you be doing?  Would you work for yourself or someone else?  Where would you live?  What fun things would you do?   The more you imagine that as if it has already happened, the easier it is to manifest.

Take some time to close your eyes and go within and imagine the things that you like to do that really make you happy.  Think about what are some of your gifts and something you can share with others that can help them lead a happier life.  People are willing to pay you for something that can help them make their lives easier.

I know that sometimes clients think that what they want to do would be easy for someone else because it is easy for them (the client).  That is not usually the case.  For instance, one of my clients is an expert in color and thought that picking color was easy for everyone because it was easy for her, so she wasn’t sure if people would pay for that.  What are your gifts or desires?  How much longer do you want to live with unfulfilled dreams?

If not now………when?  Be bold and live your dreams.  The world needs you now.  Just say YES and see what happens.

My c.d., How To Get What You Want, has a guided imagery that you can use for any goal and you can download it from my website.

With love and gratitude,

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