I have had an experience of this first hand that was life changing on many levels.  When I discovered the power of words and the tools I teach (FutureSpeaking: Language That Shapes Destiny), I heard myself say many times “I am not an artist, I can’t even draw a good stick figure.”  (I have heard a lot of people say something similar)  In fact, I wouldn’t even take an art class because I knew I would fail.  When I heard what I said, I decided to challenge that thought.  I found a piece of paper and pencil, sat at a table with a photo of my friend, and asked myself this question; “What if I am an artist, how would I draw this photo?”  I sat quietly and listened and the answer to my question was this:  “Forget the lines and draw the light and the dark!”

For those of you who are artists, that might be obvious to you, however, because I hadn’t taken an art class since I was very young, it was a novel idea.  I started looking at the light and dark and started moving my pencil in that way – following the light and dark.  It was so much fun and when I was finished, the drawing looked exactly like the photo of my friend.  In that moment, not only had I felt that magical feeling of Source/Universal Intelligence/God flowing through me, but I had also discovered that I am an artist.  I was amazed, shocked, and left asking myself what else have I been lying to myself about?  Because apparently it was a lie that I was not an artist and the only reason that I had been unable to do anything artistic was because I had been telling myself for twenty-eight years that I was not an artist.  This opened up a new world to me, the world of creativity as well as other abilities.  After that, I knew I could do whatever creative thing I wanted to do and set out to prove it to myself.  The process was about “allowing” the Creative Force that is in all of us to flow freely, to surrender to its magic.  Now when I see something artistic that I want to do, I know I can do it.  And so can you.

Those of you who are artists, have you ever heard yourself or other artists claim that they are “starving” artists?  By coaching creative people to change their Language, many of my clients have gone on to become successful artists and live their dreams.

What if you are lying to yourself about other areas of your life?  What if the reason you can’t dance, are not athletic, are shy, scared of public speaking, broke, or fat is just because that is what you have been saying to and about yourself?  Here is a challenge for you should you want to take it.  Choose something about yourself that you would like to change, then imagine yourself the way you want to be for one month.  Pretend that you have that ability now, or you are that now.

 For example, if you want to lose weight, focus on being healthy rather than weight loss.  Before I would fix or order a meal I said to myself, “I am a healthy size 8 woman, what do I want to eat?”  This question directed my choices and was part of what lead to a 35 lb. weight loss.   Imagine how you would feel as the size you want to be, and choosing the healthy foods and behaviors to support that new image.  Allow yourself to pretend that you are this new size now.

If you want to make more money, imagine that you already have an abundant flow of money no matter what your bank account shows.  Be careful of your words and thoughts and what you agree with others about money.   When you have a vibration of fascination and enjoyment of money, or anything else, it will be attracted to you.  Money making ideas will come to you, unexpected money will start showing up in your life.   Have fun and let me know what happens.  Please write me any questions you have and I will answer them in a blog.



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