Beginning My Journey to Living a Life of Purpose

Before discovering the Laws of Attraction, Mindfulness Principles and cutting edge tools, I was an expert in negative thinking and my life was a reflection of that thinking.  I would start my day asking myself, “What horrible thing is going to happen to me today?”, and would go into my day expecting something horrible to happen, and it usually did.  What do you expect as you start your day?

When I moved into a shared house in San Francisco in 1975 with 4 people who were all on a personal growth path (something I had never heard of), one of the women encouraged me to take tai chi lessons with her teacher.  He was not only teaching tai chi, but also taught a class about Manifesting and The Power of the Mind.  He said “Our negative words and thoughts get results as easily as our positive words and thoughts.”

In that moment I felt like a light had been turned on in my mind and I started thinking about the things I had thought and said and came to realize that those things did manifest.  I suddenly realized that perhaps instead of being a “victim” I was actually a powerful manifestor.  I had never before realized the thought had come before the thing that manifested, I just blamed others for my problems and never took responsibility for them.  Even though I was skeptical, I decided to set aside 30 days to test these ideas I had been learning.  First I started finding parking everywhere I went in San Francisco (which is very unusual in San Francisco before I learned about the power of my mind.)  Then I quit smoking, doubled my income, and lost 35 lbs. and kept it off.  That was when I knew I had to teach this information.

At first I was a little angry that no one had taught me this information before, because I knew my life would have been much easier if I had known this.  Then I also knew I had to teach this to others.  In 1982 I started my own company with a vision that the people who took my workshop would get such great results that they would get me into their offices.  That is what happened and my business has been referral only for over 30 years.  I have been called a Pioneer teaching Laws of Attraction because when I started teaching this information, people were not talking about this.  Nothing is more exciting to me than to see people wake up and remember their own personal power and to witness them have their dreams come true.

In this time of “Super Heroes” in the movies, I am here to remind people how they can be their own Super Hero.  If you have ever wondered if there was a way to crack the code to living a successful, balanced, and happy life, come join me to discover this secret. and this fascinating journey of self-awakening and empowerment.

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