What is this thing called love?  This crazy thing called love.  These are the words from an old song, yet most of us are still asking that question.  I have noticed that in the movies, the characters usually “fall in love” within one week.   Often I hear people say that after a week they think they are in love because they have such a crazy, exciting feeling about someone.  I have known some couples who really do know that they are in love from the moment they meet and have had wonderful, long lasting relationships, however, it seems that is the exception, not the rule.

I have come to believe that love is more about your common values, beliefs, and ability to communicate and have fun together.  It is more about the way that person treats me and how I feel about myself with that person than it is about that “crazy, out-of-control” feeling I used to get and call love.   What do you think love is?  How do you know when you are in love?

When you feel happy and content within yourself, that is the time to attract the one you love because then you will attact one who is in alignment with your vibration.  That is when you can visualize and FutureSpeak the relationship you want.  Often we think that if we just had a relationship, then we would be happy.  The truth is, if you are not happy with yourself, you will attract a relationship who is also not happy, and then you will want to visualize & FutureSpeak that relationship out of your life.

Several years ago I had a private session with a guru and I asked him if he saw me attracting a relationship any time soon.  He asked me if I was happy.  At the time I was not and had to say no I wasn’t.  He shook his head side to side and said “Get happy first.”  He was right.  When I got happy, I attracted a happy relationship.  I look forward to hearing your ideas and comments.

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