Have you made up your mind to be, do, or have what you want? Wanting something and really making up your mind to create it are two different things. Making up your mind that you will be, do, or have what you want brings with it an intention that is so powerful and strong that you become unstoppable. When you make up your mind, the subconscious mind starts doing its job to not only search for answers to your questions for how to get what you want, but also it will start guiding your behavior, personality, attitudes and beliefs to help you get there.

Often people hide behind being confused about what they want because they are either afraid they won’t get it or they are afraid that they will get what they want.  It usually takes me about 5 minutes to assist someone in getting clear on what they want just by asking the right questions.

Once we make up our minds, not only does our subconscious go to work to guide us, but also Source starts orchestrating the people, places, and circumstances that we need to support that desire.   We get in vibrational alignment with what we have made up our minds that we want and
magnetically start attracting that to us.

Are you ready?  Make up your mind and watch the magic that happens.

Blessings to you,

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